6 Inch Jumbo Wooden Spatula


Pack of 100, Dimensions 6" x 3/4" inch

This Jumbo Wooden Spatula is designed to apply our sugar wax on the skin instead of using your hands or gloves.

Our 6 Inch Jumbo Wooden Spatula is suitable for removing unwanted hairs from legs, bikini, nose, hands, feet, etc.

How To Use?

1. Scrape a thin layer of the sugar wax along the direction of the hair using a spatula.

2. Take care to only apply as much as your cotton strip will cover. 

3. Place the cloth over your wax.

4. Rub in direction of the hair to create some friction/heat.

5. Pull tight or hold steady skin and pull off the strip in a quick motion up against hair direction.

6. Use the same strip to collect any bits of wax left behind. 

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